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CABOT Hough (Cabot Hugh, 1872 — 1945) — the American surgeon and the urologist, the doctor of medicine (1898), professor (1910).

Hugh's KEBOT

In 1894 ended medical f-t Harvard un-that. Worked as the intern, and then till 1919 the assistant on surgery in the Main Massachusetts hospital; at the same time in 1910 — 1919 professional, surgeries at the Harvard medical school. In 1919 — 1930 tg. prof., surgeon and dean medical f-that (1921-1930) Michigan un-that. Since 1930 the surgeon in clinic of Mayo y at the same time the prof. un-that in Minnesota.

Main researches X. Cabot are devoted to questions of operational surgery and urology; modifications of operations at a nephrostomy (1932), a hypospadias (1935), a nephropexy (1936) and operation of bringing down of a small egg are offered them. He is an editor of capital work on urology of «Modem Urology». Its separate works («The Doctor’s Bili», «The Patient’s Dilemma») are devoted to social aspects of medicine.

X. Cabot was a supporter of friendship between the USA and the USSR. During World War II he headed (since 1941) Massachusetts committee of the help of Russia.

Works: Modem urology, 1st prod., Philadelphia — N. Y., 1918, 3 prod., v. 1 — 2, Philadelphia, 1936; Surgical nursing, 1st prod., Philadelphia, 1931, 4 prod., Philadelphia, 1940 (sovm, with Giles M. D.); The doctor’s bill, N. Y., 1935; The patient’s dilemma, N. Y., 1940.

Bibliography: Hugh Cabot, J. Amer, med. Ass., v. 128, p. 1245, 1945; Hugh Cabot, Lancet, v. 2, p. 322, 1945; The national cyclopaofaf american biography, v. 35, Pi 547, N. Y., 1949.

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