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BUYER Adolf (Baeyr Adolf, 1835 — 1917) — the German chemist, versatile researches to-rogo were of great importance for development of chemistry of natural organic compounds, and also medicinal and colorants; Nobel Prize laureate (1905). Since 1860 A. Bayer is privatdozent in Sharlottenburge, since 1872 — professor of chemistry in Strasbourg, since 1875 — in Munich. The most important works of A. Bayer: synthesis of aliphatic arsenic-organic compounds; researches of derivatives of urea and uric to - you, condensation of aldehydes with phenols, led to synthesis of ftalein (1871); researches of a structure of indigotin (1878 — 1883); receiving the elementary alkaloids of group of pyridine; researches of a stereoisomerism of alicyclic connections; studying of polyacetylene hydrocarbons. As a result of researches it formulated «the theory of tension» (1885), from the stereochemical point of view explaining relative stability of cyclic and unsaturated compounds.

Works: Gesammelte Werke, Bd 1 — 2, Braunschweig, 1905.

Bibliography: Perkin W. H. Prof. Adolf von Baeyer, Nature (Lond.), v. 100, p. 188, 1917.