BUTT Vladimir Aleksandrovich

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BUTT Vladimir Aleksandrovich (1870 — 1934) — the Soviet social hygienist, the participant of revolutionary movement, one of the first organizers of the Soviet health care. The member of the CPSU since 1894.

BUTT Vladimir Aleksandrovich

For studying of Marxist literature it was excluded from the 6th class of a gymnasium, having ended it later external. Since 1892 the student natural f-that St. Petersburg un-that and at the same time the student of «Free school» P.F. Lesgafta. Participated in the revolutionary circles entering into the Lenin «Union of fight for release of working class» for what in 1897 it was sent from St. Petersburg. In 1901 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that. Since 1901 would work as the doctor in Moscow. Since 1902 the member of the Moscow committee of RSDRP(b). In 1904 it was arrested and after several months of imprisonment it is sent to the Vitebsk province from where self-willedally was returned to Moscow. Participated in revolution of 1905 — 1907. In the years of reaction and World War I conducted big party work as the member of the underground Bolshevist center. Active participant Fevralskoy and Great October socialist revolutions. In 1919 — 1929 the manager. Moscow public health department. From 1929 to 1931 the department chair of social hygiene of the 2nd MMI, the member of presidium of the Moscow Council.

Under the leadership of V. A. Obukh Moszdravotdel the first in the country started practical implementation of the preventive beginnings in work to lay down. institutions, preferential service of industrial workers, dignity. - a gigabyte. education of the population. New forms were created to lay down. - professional, institutions — specialized clinics, night N day sanatoria, dispensaries, dietetic dining halls. V. A. Obukh was an initiator of the organization of a number of scientific institutions — Ying-that tuberculosis (1921), Moscow research in-that sanitation and hygiene of F. F. Erisman (1921), Moscow in-that on studying of occupational diseases (1923), and also advanced training courses of doctors (1920), etc. In numerous reports and printing works he acted as the practician and the theorist of the Soviet health care. V. A. Obukh was close to Lenin's family and was one of doctors, to councils to-rykh V. I. Lenin always listened.

Name B. A. Obukh it is immortalized in the name of the street and lane in Moscow.

Works: From fight against epidemics to improvement of work, in book: Improvement of work and revolution of life, Saturday. works Ying-that MOSE on studying the prof. Bol., century 1, page 3, M., 1923; The Report on Gubkonferention Moskovskikh of doctors 15/X — 1924, Mosk. medical zhurn., No. 9, page 1, 1924; Dispensary health system and its achievements, M., 1926; Health care in Moscow by a decade of October, Ezhened. otd. zdravookhr. Mosk. council, L' 44-45, page 615, 1927: From memories of February and days of October, in book: Year of fight, sost. N. P. Milyutina, page 19, M., 1927; Constitution and bordering limits of pathology, M., 1927; Mass work and immediate tasks of members of section of health care, Bulletin otd. zdravookhr. Mosk. council of RK and CD, No. 11-12, page 138, 1929.

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