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TANK Zenon Marcel

BUCK Zenon Marcel (Bacq Zenon Marcel, sort. in 1903) — the Belgian pathophysiologist, the biochemist and the radio biologist, the member of Royal academy of Sciences and Royal academy of medicine of Belgium; foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958). Professor Liege un-that, head of laboratory of pathology and general therapy; pharmacologist by training.

3. The tank began the scientific activity with researches O B (yperite, lachrymators, etc.).

He paid special attention to research of means of protection and therapy of their striking action. Later began to work on problems of radiobiology — actions of ionizing radiation on live organisms. Wide popularity was gained by works 3. A tank on research of the chemical protectors protecting an organism of mammals from harmful action of ionizing radiation. It possesses discovery of protective properties of Cystaminum and its derivatives (1951). He stated the experimental works and a theoretical opinion in the monograph «Chemical Protection against Ionizing Radiation» (Russian translation, 1968). Its hypotheses of a role of activation of enzymes in development of radiation defeat, about value of «biochemical shock» in protective action of chemical protectors gained development in further works of foreign and Soviet radio biologists.

Works: Fundamentals of radiobiology, 1st prod., L., 1955, 2 prod., Oxford, 1961 (sovm, with Alexander P., the Russian lane, M., 1963); Chemical protection against ionizing radiation, Springfield, 1965 (pyc. lane, M., 1968).

A. M. Kuzin.