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BREAKFAST TRIAL — food or the chemical exciting department of a gastric juice. It is applied during the studying of secretory (acid-forming) function of a stomach. The irritant at the same time shall be physiologic, and the gastric juice received with its help — pure. Various food and chemical substances have unequal sokogonny effect. The quantity, structure and acidity of the allocated gastric juice depend not only on quality of an irritant, but also on a reference state of gastric glands.

It is offered apprx. 100 3. items, however broad practical application found only some of them. 3. items are divided by a way of introduction on enteral and parenteral. Natural food irritants (bread, water, a beef-infusion broth, cabbage broth, etc.), and also solution of caffeine, alcohol, etc. belong to enteral. Parenterally as activators of gastric secretion a histamine, the histologist, gastrin, Pentagastrinum, insulin are entered. Are most physiologic food 3. the item, however their shortcoming is inconstancy of structure. An exception make cabbage broth and myas ache broth which before the use titrate alkali, bringing pH to standard values (a caption — the amount of alkali which went for the titration increased on 10). Alcohol and caffeine also enter in a standard dosage.

Parenteral administration of stimulators of gastric secretion gives the chance to receive a pure gastric juice for a research. However introduction of a histamine often is followed by side vascular reactions (see. Histamine test ), administration of insulin — a hypoglycemia. Action on c. the N of page of alcohol and caffeine can lead to change of secretory function of a stomach. Are deprived of side effects the histologist, Pentagastrinum, pentabosoms, tetragastrin, etc.

3 are applied to a research of secretory function of a stomach by means of the thick probe. the item offered by I. Boas and Evald (Page A. Ewald). Are applied by a stylet to a fractional research of secretory function of a stomach as enteral 3. item, hl. obr. cabbage broth, and parenteral stimulators of gastric secretion, preferential histamine.

Structure and way of introduction of main types 3. items are presented in the table.

Table. Main types of trial breakfasts, their structure and ways of introduction

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K. I. Shirokova; author of the tab. I. S. Klimashev.