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BRADYKINESIA (Greek bradys slow + kinesis the movement) — the general slowness of movements. B. is one of essential components of a pallidarny symptom complex (trembling paralysis, parkinsonism after epidemic encephalitis, hepatocerebral dystrophy etc.). B. can exist in the absence of the true paretic phenomena and essential changes of a muscle tone. The following states enter the concept «bradykinesia» as compound its parts. Bradibaziya (grech, basis the course, a step, gait) — slowness of walking. A bradypraxia (grech, praxis action) — slowness of action. A bradylexia (Greek lexis the word, the speech) — slowness of reading. A bradyphasia (grech, phasis the statement) and a bradifraziya (grech, phrasis expression, a turn of speech) — slowness of the speech.

A bradylalia (Greek lalia the speech, a pronunciation) — slowed down, but correctly coordinate speech; the complicated articulation demanding considerable effort. The speech becomes so slowed down that the long conversation causes feeling of fatigue. Often the bradylalia happens at recovering. Quite often it is an early symptom of multiple sclerosis, tumor of a brain, Tomsen's myatonia (see. Miotoniya ), Fridreykh's diseases (see. Ataxy ).

The spastic form of a bradylalia occurs at children, at a cut the plateau speech accompanied with the tolchkoobrazny movements of the head and upper body is observed; sometimes there is an asynchronism between belly and chest breath.

The forecast and treatment are defined by a basic disease.