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BOARDING HOUSE in the USSR — the establishment intended for rest and treatment.

Items place in areas with favorable climatic and an environment. P.'s construction began in the 60th in residential suburbs of rest, in country places, on coast of the rivers, lakes, water reservoirs, and also in resorts. By 1979 in the USSR there were St. 1200 P. and rest houses (see) more than on 380 thousand places. The item is under authority of labor unions, departments, separate industrial enterprises, public organizations, and also collective farms and intercollective-farm associations.

Karacharovo Boarding house (Kalinin region).
Skala Boarding house (resort of Gagra, Abkhaz ASSR).

Design and P.'s construction is carried out on the norms and rules approved by the State committee of the USSR for construction. Power of standard boarding house 500 — 1000 places, however are projected and under construction P. and bigger power, napr, associations P. in the resort of Pitsunda in the Georgian SSR contain 3 thousand places, in the resort of Adler of Krasnodar Krai — 7 thousand places.

The dining room, rooms for cultural and mass service (the cinema and concert hall, a reading room, etc.), sports grounds are provided in P. sleeping. Vacationers in P. located in resorts use, besides, all-resort cultural and educational constructions.

Distinguish P. of rest and P. with treatment. In all P. housing and a balanced diet is provided to vacationers.

Century of P. of rest are available a first-aid post, a dental surgery, an office for holding separate physiotherapeutic procedures (e.g., radiations by sollyuks-lamps, UF-lamps, UVCh-therapy, etc.), positions of the doctor, the nurse are provided. Treatment-and-prophylactic, recreational events are held (e.g., air and solar bathtubs, etc.); the dignity is conducted. - a gleam, work; «schools of health» where train vacationers in training physical exercises and holding the tempering procedures function.

Since 1972 family P. of rest are created where parents together with children of 4 years can have a rest. Positions of pediatricians, tutors are provided in these P. Special baby food is organized, sports grounds for children and game rooms are equipped. In 1980 over the country there were already 330 P. and rest houses for places, family on 116 thousand, continuous expansion of network of such Items is provided further.

Terms of stay in P. of rest 12, 18, 24 days.

Also P. of rest for the tourists traveling by cars will be organized, housing, food is provided to them, parking for cars with maintenance are provided.

Items with treatment are placed in resorts, near resort policlinics, sanatoria, balneogryazelechebnitsa. The vacationers living in these P. in the presence of medical indications are treated on an outpatient basis (visit specialists doctors of resort policlinic, receive recommendations and appointments to the corresponding procedures in all-resort to lay down. - professional, institutions). Necessary medical service of patients in P. with treatment also carries out personnel of resort policlinic. Terms of stay in P. with treatment are established according to the terms of treatment accepted in the resort for patients of this profile.

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V. V. Poltoranov.