BLINDERS Georgy Vladimirovich

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BLINDERS Georgy Vladimirovich (1872 — 1948) is the Soviet pathologist, the doctor of medicine (1903), professor (1913), zasl. scientist

of RSFSR (1933).

After the termination in 1895 VMA served as the doctor on the cruiser «Russia». Since 1904 worked as the prosector of the Obukhovsk hospital in St. Petersburg. Since 1908 the privatdozent of department of pathological anatomy of VMA, and from 1913 to 1914 professor of department of pathological anatomy Psychoneurological in-that (nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical in-t). In 1914 — 1917 prosector of Semenovsky military hospital. Since 1917 and until the end of life (including the period of the Siege of Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War) managed department of pathological anatomy of the 1st Leningrad medical in-that. At the same time in 1920 — 1921 was the director of it in-that, and in 1918 — 1934 directed pathoanatomical laboratory Radiological, radiological and cancer in-that (nowadays Central research X-ray radiological in in-t of M3 of the USSR).

G. V. Blinders — the author of the St. 70 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to problems of morphology of tumors and thanatology. In it dokt. theses on the subject «Primary Cancer of Bronchial Tubes, Lungs and a Pleura in the Pathoanatomical Relation» for the first time in domestic medical literature questions of pathological anatomy of these diseases were taken up. Results of researches in the field of experimental oncology (see. Oncogenous substances) were generalized by it in the monograph «Experimental Cancer (Results and Perspectives)» published in 1935. Big popularity to it was brought by the book «About the Death of the Person (Introduction to Thanatology)», in a cut quite often observed discrepancy between expressiveness morfol is described. changes and a wedge, displays of a disease, raised a question of terminal states and possible reversibility of process of dying (see Thanatology). To a crust, time the method of opening offered by G. V. Shor consisting in full evisceration of internals of a corpse and their complex research without disturbance of anatomic relationship kept the practical value (see Opening). He also developed a way of preservation of dry anatomic drugs in the air environment by the room them in bottletight cameras (see Drugs anatomic).

G. V. Blinders was one of initiators of creation (together with

H. N. Petrov and L. V. Sobolev) the Russia's first St. Petersburg scientific about-va pathologists (1909).

Works: Primary cancer of bronchial tubes, lungs and a pleura in the pathoanatomical relation, a yew., SPb., 1903; About the death of the person. (Introduction to thanatology), L., 1925; Experimental cancer. (Results and perspectives), in book: Vestn. rentgenol. and radio-gramophones., under the editorship of N. I. Nemenov, t. 14, page 414, L. — M, 1935.

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