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BLEACH (fluor albus) — pathological allocations from generative organs of the woman. Diseases of genitalias happen the most frequent reason of B.: infectious, parasitic (trichomoniasis) and helminthic invasions (ascaridosis), mycoses (soor), new growths (submucosal myoma, cancer, sarcoma) and hyperplastic processes in a mucous membrane of a body and a neck of uterus (a ferruterous hyperplasia, polyposes), mechanical irritations, chemical and thermal influences.

From other (extragenital) reasons of B. can be: diseases of internals, diseases of blood and the hemopoietic bodies, infectious diseases, disturbances of food and metabolism, constitutional insufficiency, neuroendocrinal frustration, psychogenic factors, professional harm, etc.


Bleach non-compliance with personal hygiene distinguish in the place them emergence: pipe, uterine, cervical, vulval and vestibular.

Pipe bleach are observed seldom and are, as a rule, caused by periodic emptying of so-called meshotchaty tumors through a uterine opening of pipes. At cancer of a pipe can be alternating izlity watery citreous color or sanious liquid.

Uterine bleach (from a cavity of the uterus). Exudation is the most frequent reason of uterine B. at inflammatory changes of an endometria (gonorrheal, septic pl a tubercular endometritis). At an acute endometritis of allocation from a uterus can be purulent or serous and purulent. In process of subsiding of the acute phenomena exudate gains watery character. Curdled kroshkovatye B. are sometimes observed at a tubercular endometritis. Allocations at polyps and submucous myomas have watery character. At a necrosis of a node of a tumor of B. gain brownish color and a putrefactive smell. Watery, liquid, colourless B. — one of precursory symptoms of cancer of uterus, at disintegration of fabric to them is added blood.

Cervical bleach arise at an endocervicitis of a gonorrheal and septic etiology. Contain impurity of pus in an acute stage of an inflammation of allocation, and in chronic — gain mucous character. At erosion, polyps of a neck of uterus, erozirovanny ectropion in B. there can be streaks of blood. B. are a precursory symptom of cancer of neck of uterus and can appear even before bloody allocations and contact bleedings.

Vulval bleach can be as inflammatory ( colpitis ), and noninflammatory character (extragenital reasons). The vagina of the healthy woman contains from 0,2 to 1,0 ml separated, having a dense consistence and white color. The quantity and character of a vulval secret of healthy women depends on their age and various fiziol. states (periods, pregnancy, sexual excitement, etc.). Usually allocations do not follow for a sexual crack and the woman do not disturb. Considering quantity, a consistence, color also began to smell B., it is possible to judge their reason to some extent. Foamy B. are, as a rule, caused by existence in a vagina of trichomonads (a mecotic colpitis). Sanious Bleach are characteristic of cancer of a vagina. At girls Bleach are often caused by disturbances of the general state of health (diathesis), occasionally existence of a foreign body in a vagina, development of a malignant tumor of a uterus (sarcoma).

Vestibular bleach are observed at non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene, a vulvitis, ulcer process (perhaps malignant new growth) in a vulva, macerations of an epithelium under the influence of the allocations which are flowing down from internal generative organs or uric system masturbations, a diabetes mellitus, etc.

the Diagnosis

in the presence should be found out from sick B. what of generative organs is their source. For this purpose vaginas examine and necks with mirrors, carefully investigate a secret of generative organs. Sometimes it insufficiently clarification of the reason of B. also requires deeper clinical inspection of the patient for identification of a basic disease, the leading symptom to-rogo are B.


Treatment shall consist of the actions directed to elimination of a basic disease, fortifying measures (a balanced diet, observance of rules of occupational health and life, vitamin therapy etc.) and local procedures: trays, irrigations, tampons with use of various medicamentous means (the antiseptic agents deodorizing antibiotics, streptocides, nitrofurans etc.), vulval syringings (see).


Prevention: actions for the prevention of gynecologic diseases, periodic routine maintenances for detection of diseases of a reproductive system at women and holding recreational actions, distribution of sanitary and hygienic knowledge among the population and observance of rules personal hygiene (see).

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