BLACKEN Adalbert

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BLACKEN Adalbert (Czerny Adalbert, 1863 — 1941) there is the German pediatrician.

Got a medical education in Prague where in 1888 protected dokt. thesis. In 1894 headed department of pediatrics in Breslau (nowadays Wroclaw). Since 1910 professor Strasbourg un-that, from 1913 to 1932 directed department of pediatrics in Berlin un-those. In 1932 — 1936 worked in Düsseldorf.

A. Cherni's works on physiology and pathology of digestion and a metabolism at children are widely known, he for the first time in details investigated frustration of food at children of chest age and developed their classification. A. Cherni's merit is the description of clinic of exudative and catarral diathesis (see), to-ry it suggested to differentiate with other similar states (see Diathesis). His book «Doctor as Tutor of the Child» was widely known and translated into Russian (1928). In it he supported training of children at school from 6 years and against education of one child in a family.

Works: Des To indes Ernahrung, Ernahrungs-storungen und Ernahrungstherapie, the 1st prod., Lpz. — Wien, 1906 (sovm. with Keller A.), 2nd prod., Bd 1—2, 1928;

Der Arzt als Erzieher des Kindes, Lpz. — Wien, 1908 (Russian lane, L., 1928).

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