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BING Richard John

BING Richard John (Bing Richard John, sort. in 1909) — the American cardiologist, professor (1945). Was born in Germany. In 1935 in Bern (Switzerland) received degree of the doctor of medicine. In 1938 moved to the USA, worked in the Colombian and New York high fur boots, in surgical clinic of medical college of J. Gopkins. Since 1959 — the head of department of physiology Detroit un-that (Michigan).

The main works of R. Bing are devoted to physiology and pathology of a myocardium, clinical cardiology, studying of a pathogeny of an idiopathic hypertensia. It one of the first made catheterization of a coronary sine that had crucial importance for a research of a metabolism in intact heart and in heart at various morbid conditions.

The absolute importance has found by R. Bing and it sotr. the fact of normal use of various nutrients and oxygen a myocardium at congestive heart failure. Test for identification of existence or lack of a stenosis of a pulmonary trunk at patients with the heart diseases which are followed by cyanosis is offered them. At this test the relation of oxygen consumption to the volume of ventilation is defined. At healthy faces this indicator during an exercise stress increases, and at patients with Fallo's tetrad — falls. Unlike patients with Fallo's tetrad, at patients with tsianotichesky inborn heart diseases, but without stenosis of a pulmonary artery the specified relation increases. In 1956 for participation in development of methods of cardiac catheterization R. Bing was conferred the Nobel Prize.

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