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BILSHOVSKOGO-GROS-LAVRENTEVA METHOD — method of fixing and impregnation of various structures of a peripheral nervous system. Process of silvering of elements of nervous tissue caustic silver is the cornerstone of a method (see. Silverings methods ). It is offered by Bilshovsky (M. to Bielschowsky) in 1904 for identification of neurofibrilla in c. N of page. Then there were modifications for identification of structures of a peripheral nervous system.

In 1918 J. Gros recommended to make impregnation of frozen sections, controlling process of silvering under a microscope.

The Soviet histologist B. M. Lavrentyev in 1929 offered the new composition of the fixing liquid improving process of impregnation.

B. — G. — L. the m is as follows. Pieces of fabrics and bodies fix in the AFA liquid consisting of equal parts of 96% of alcohol, neutral formalin and saturated solution arsenous to - you within 1 hour. Then them without washing transfer to 20% neutral formalin where they can be stored from several days to several months. After the end of fixing pieces rinse in a distilled water and cut on the freezing microtome. Cuts transfer solution of caustic silver to 20%. Time of stay of cuts in silver is determined by practical consideration for what continue the procedure of impregnation on separate cuts. Then cuts carry quickly out through 4 — 5 trays, the filled 20% by the formalin prepared on mains water and place in solution of ammoniac silver. The small volume of 20% of solution of caustic silver is titrated in clock glass drops of 25% of solution of ammonia, the deposit will not disappear yet. In this solution cuts are impregnated under control of a microscope, upon termination of impregnation place them for 10 — 15 min. in ammonium hydroxide, and then at several o'clock — in distilled for washing. Impregnirovanny cuts are recommended to be gilded solution of chloric gold and to tint. Then dehydration and the conclusion in Canada balsam follows. Impregnirovanny nervous structures accept golden-black shades of different intensity. During the gilding become gray-black, at subpaint hematoxylin — lilac-tinged. Along with impregnation of nervous structures it is possible to achieve moderate impregnation of kernels of fabric cells, argyrophil fibers, myofibrils.

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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