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BILIRUBINUREA (bilirubinuria; + Greek uron wetting bilirubin) — allocation with urine of bilirubin in excess quantity. In urine healthy a small amount of bilirubin is allocated per day (7 — 20•10 - 6 d), not found by usual laboratory methods. B. it is observed at increase in content in blood serum only glyukuronirovanny (conjugated, or direct) bilirubin (see. Hyperbilirubinemia ). The renal threshold for this type of bilirubin is equal to 0,8 — 2,0 mg of %. The indirect bilirubin does not get via the healthy renal filter and does not appear in urine. Assume that the pigment contacts the low-molecular peptide having the electrophoretic mobility close to alpha globulins and is filtered in balls. Proofs of a canalicular reabsorption and secretion of bilirubin are not received. At people the clearance of bilirubin is 200 times lower than clearance of creatinine.

In clinical diagnosis the methods of qualitative test of bilirubin in urine based on its oxidation in bright green biliverdin are applied almost only. Besides, at B. urine gains dark flavovirent color; unlike urobilinurias (see), foam of such urine is painted in yellow color; getting on linen of the patient, urine leaves characteristic dark yellow spots. The best method of quantitative definition of bilirubin in urine Endrashik's method — Grofa in Uit's modification — Gris — Gris is considered.

Clinical value B. consists hl. obr. that its emergence always demonstrates gross violations in gepatobiliarny system. It turns out B. quite often the first symptom of infectious hepatitis and obturatsionny jaundice.

See also Bilirubin , Jaundice .

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