BILIBIN Alexander Fedorovich

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BILIBIN Alexander Fedorovich

BILIBIN Alexander Fedorovich (sort. in 1897) — the Soviet infectiologist, the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1960), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1966). Having ended medical f-t Kiev un-that (1922), was at practical work. Since 1933 — the assistant, and since 1938 — the associate professor of infectious diseases of TsIU of doctors. Since 1944 — the department chair of infectious diseases of the 3rd MMI. Since 1950 heads department of infectious diseases of the 2nd MMI of N. I. Pirogov.

A. F. Bilibin wrote over 200 scientific works, including 9 monographs, the managements and textbooks. It developed the principles of treatment of dysentery, typhoid, brucellosis, a tularemia; the listerellosis, the Omsk hemorrhagic fever are described torulez; clinical classifications of a salmonellosis, hron, dysentery, a brucellosis, a tularemia are developed; the nomenclature and classification of intestinal diseases is offered. Original researches are conducted by A. F. Bilibin concerning a pathogeny, prevention and treatment of a typroid bacteriocarrier. He one of the first beginnings to develop clinical aspects of endogenous infections and dysbacteriosis, a drug disease, questions of a deontology. Under its management 60 dissertation works, from them 19 doctor's are prepared and protected.

A. F. Bilibin is the member of bureau of department of clinical medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. He was repeatedly elected the board member Vsesoyuznogo and All-Russian societies of epidemiologists, microbiologists and infectiologists of I. I. Mechnikov, the board member and the Honorary Chairman of Vsesoyuzny of society of infectiologists, the honorary member of Czechoslovak society of Purkinye; member of editorial boards of a number of medical magazines; participant of editorial preparation of the 2nd prod. BME, deputy otv. editors of departments «General questions of clinic and therapy of internal diseases», «Deontology»; coeditor of department «Epidemiology. Infectious and parasitic diseases» 3rd prod. BME. It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin and the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Differential and diagnostic table of the major acute infectious diseases, 1st prod., M., 1943, 4 prod., M., 1958; The Typhoid and paratyphus, M., 1949 (sovm, from Katz-Chernokhvostova L. Ya.); Treatment of dysentery, M., 1959 (sovm, with other); Textbook of infectious diseases, M., 1962; Guide to infectious diseases, t. 1 — 2, M., 1962 — 1967 (an edition sovm, with Rudnevy G. P.); Viral diseases of the person, M., 1967 (edition); About clinical thinking, M., 1973 (sovm, with Tsaregorod-tsevy G. I.).

Bibliography: A. F. Bilibin (To the 70 anniversary since birth), Klin, medical, t. 45, No. 7, page 3, 1967; A. F. Bilibin (To the 75 anniversary since birth), in the same place, t. 50, Νβ 3, page 3, 1972.

I. N. Shchetinina.