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ChERNYKA (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) — a medicinal plant, a wild-growing bush from this. cowberry (Vacciniaceae).

Fruit of bilberry — black and gray juicy berry to 10 mm in the diameter. It is eurysynusic in the European part of the USSR and in Western Siberia h, grows at places in Eastern Siberia and in the Caucasus. Grows thickets in coniferous and small-leaved and softwood forests, often meets in the tundra.

In medical practice use the mature dried-up berries of bilberry (Fructus Myrtilli), to-rye contain up to 12% of tanning agents, 5 — 20% of sucrose, and also organic to - you (lemon and apple to 7%), pectic substances and small amounts ascorbic to - you, carotinoids and B2 vitamin. Krasnofioletovy color of pulp of berries is caused by mix of glycosides of delphidin and a malvidin. Berries Ch. in the form of infusion or broth (at the rate of 1 — 2 chayn. l. on 1 glass of boiled water) or in the form of kissel apply as astringent at ponosa, especially at children; berries Ch. are also a part of the nek-ry knitting collecting (see). Berries of the Caucasian bilberry — the high bush or a tree growing in the Caucasus! — are considered identical I to years of an ofitsinalny look.

See also L ekarstvenny plants. D. A. Muravyeva