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BIFIDUMBACTERIUM — drug from the live lyophilized bifidobacteria. The principle of effect of drug consists in recovery of datum level of bifidobacteria in intestines of children and adults — to 90 — 98% of all intestinal microflora. B. has the oppressing effect on putrefactive and conditionally pathogenic microflora. The importance of bifidobacteria for an organism is caused by their participation in processes of a vitaminoobrazovaniye, in creation of acid medium in intestines — optimum for absorption of calcium, iron, vitamin D (see. Bifidobacteria ).

The first attempt of recovery of a normal bifidoflora at children by means of drug from live bifidobacteria was made in 1900 by I. I. Mechnikov H. Tissier's pupil. However imperfection of the equipment and composition of nutrient mediums did not allow it to prepare is long the remaining drug from live bifidobacteria. H. Tissier's experience was an incitement for numerous works on B.'s receiving in various countries. In the USSR, in Moscow in-those epidemiology and microbiology of M3 of RSFSR, drug under the name «Bifidumbacterium siccum» was prepared in 1968. It has an appearance of porous mass of white or cream color, at dissolution forms an opaque homogeneous suspension.

Indication to B.'s use is dysbacteriosis (see), resulted from an intestinal disease, use of antibiotics, chemotherapeutic drugs and influence of other factors. The similar state arises at children at long intestinal dysfunctions, as a result of the postponed dysentery, a colienteritis, staphylococcal coloenteritis, a salmonellosis, dyspepsia, intestinal infection of not clear etiology. B. for children of the first half of the year of life at artificial feeding is especially shown. To the adults suffering hron colitis, catarral proctites, a proctosigmoiditis also showed use B.

Broad clinical approbation of drug showed its full harmlessness and a high therapeutic effectiveness. In the course of treatment the general state improves, there occurs permanent normalization of a chair, appetite improves.

Contraindications for use B. are absent. By-effects are noted. B. accept inside after cultivation of dry drug in boiled water in 20 — 30 min. prior to food. The quantity of doses and duration of a course of treatment are defined by the doctor depending on a condition of the patient (the dosage of drug is specified on ampoules).

Produce drug in ampoules or bottles.

Abroad for recovery bifidoflor of intestines are used the drugs containing live bifidobacteria (Lyo-Bifidus, Eugalan, Bifidigene) or factors of their growth.

See also Kolibakterin .

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