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BIERGSTREM Sung (Bergstrom Sune, sort. in 1916) — the Swedish biochemist, the doctor of a medikina, the member of the Swedish academy of Sciences and Swedish engineering academy, the member of the American Academy of arts and sciences, the honorary member of the American island of biochemists (USA), the honourable doctor of philosophy Basel un-that (Switzerland). From 1942 to 1947 — the assistant to department of biochemistry Nobel medical in-that in Stockholm, from 1947 to 1958 — professor medical and fiziol. chemistry at university of Lund. Since 1958 — professor of biochemistry, and since 1970 — the rector Karolinskogo in-that.

A fundamental contribution of S. Bergstrem to biology and medicine were his works on allocation and studying of structure and biological effect of hormonelike materials of animal fabrics — prostaglandins (see) having considerable and various physiological activity. He established full chemical structure of the major prostaglandins that gave the chance to develop industrial synthesis them and to begin use in clinic and experimental medicine. Belong to S. Bergstrem also important works on biosynthesis and metabolism of bile acids and cholesterol, an autookisleniya, biochemistry of heparin.

Works: Prostaglandins, Science, v. 157, p. 382, 1967.

B. V. Pokrovsky.