BIDLOO Nikolay Lambertovich

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BIDLOO Nikolay Lambertovich

BIDLOO Nikolay Lambertovich (1670 — 1735) — the surgeon, the anatomist, the doctor of medicine (1697). Was born in Amsterdam, ended Leiden un-t. In 1702 moved to Russia, was «a near doctor» of Peter I and the first was entitled an archiater.

Formation of the higher medical education in Russia is connected with a name of N. L. Bidloo. He in 1705 created dissecting room where he carried out openings in Moscow and conducted occupations with doctors.

Since 1706 and until the end of life was the main doctor based by Peter I «Moscow goshpitalya» (nowadays Main clinical military hospital of the academician of H. N. Burdenko) and the head of the hospital school opened at it (see. Hospital schools ). N. L. Bidloo taught at school anatomy on corpses and surgery according to the programs stated in 1710 in its hand-written work «Instructio de chirurgia in theatro anatomico studiosis proposita» («Manual for studying surgery in dissecting room»). On theoretical surgery were studied: tumors, rashes, wounds, fractures, dislocations, and from practical surgery — 132 operations «from the head to toe». It left hand-written textbooks: «Speculum anatomiae» («Zertsalo of anatomy»), «Theatrum anatomicum» («Dissecting room») and «Praelectoris thesaurus medico-practicus» («Treasure of medico-practical lectures»).

N. L. Bidloo was an expert on arts. He developed projects of a triumphal arch (1709 — 1722), and also fountains for Moscow and Peterhof (1722).

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N. A. Oborin.