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BIDLOO Gottfried

BIDLOO Gottfried (Bidloo Gottfried, 1649 — 1713) — the Dutch anatomist, the surgeon, the poet. Since 1670 the pupil F. Ruysch. The thesis on degree of the doctor of medicine and surgery protected in Franekerskom un-those (1682). Since 1688 taught anatomy and surgery in the Hague; was an inspector of hospitals in England. For the work «About Ancient Anatomists» (1694) became professor Leiden un-that; since 1696 — the rector of it un-that. In 1685 in Amsterdam the well-known anatomic atlas published «Anatomia humani corporis», 105 drawings (including and microscopic images) executed by the artist Mr. Leress from anatomic drugs of G. Bidloo are placed in Krom. This atlas was used as the manual at the Moscow hospital school founded at Peter I. A number of drawings from it was included in the first Russian anatomic atlas of «Sylabus» (1744).

From G. Bidloo's researches the works on morphology of a nervous system published in 1708 in which he proved that nerves consist of a set of fine fibers, but do not conclude any liquid or «animal spirit» («spiritus animalis») as it was approved by vitalists matter; the observations about removal of a mammary gland (pulling at the basis, fixing by a fork, cutting off) which became widely known at that time.

The collected works of G. Bidloo are published in 1708 — 1715, verses — in 1719.

Works: Exercitationum anatom ico-chirurgicarum, Lugduni Batavorum, 1708; Opera omnia anatomico-chirurgica, Lugduni Batavorum, 1715.

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N. A. Oborin.