BIDDER Friedrich Heinrich

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BIDDER Friedrich Heinrich

BIDDER Friedrich Heinrich (1810 — 1894) — the Russian physiologist. Graduated from the university in Derpta (Tartu). In 1879 it is conferred an award K. M. Bera. Over 30 years headed departments of anatomy, physiology and pathology of this university, medical f-that was his rector and the dean.

Scientific works of F. G. Bidder are devoted to hl. obr. physiology and histology of a nervous system, and also physiology of food. Its major experimental work (1852) — about value of digestive juices in a metabolism. A research it was highly appreciated by I. P. Pavlov. In 1852 F. G. Bidder found in heart of a frog, on border of auricles and a ventricle, the pair accumulations of ganglionic cells which received afterwards the name «nodes of the Bidder». It put forward (1842) and upheld a hypothesis of functional independence of a sympathetic nervous system. Its works about an innervation of submaxillary gland (1866), about effect of poison of a curare (1865), about a structure and development of a spinal cord (1857), about inhibitory nerves and the braking centers (1871) had great scientific value.

F. G. bidder — creator large domestic fiziol, schools; his many pupils (F. V. Ovsyannikov, H. M. Yakubovich, A. P. Walther, etc.) became the famous scientists; under its management it is protected 77 dokt, theses; he was long time the chairman of Derptsky natural-science society.

Works: Die Verdauungssafte und der Stof-fwechsel, eine physiologisch-chemische Untersuchung, Mitau — Lpz., 1852 (sovm. with Schmidt C.); t)ber functionell verschiedene und raumlich getrennte Nervencentra im Froschherzen, Arch. Anat. Physiol, wiss. Med., S. 163, 1852; Untersuchungen iiber die Textur des Ruckenmarks, Lpz., 1857; E inige Bemerkungen iiber Hemmungsn erven und Hemmungscentren, Arch. Anat. Physiol, wiss. Med., S. 447, 1871.

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