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BIARRITZ (Biarritz) — the climatic seaside and balneological resort on Yu.-Z. Franciums, in department the Lower Pyrenees, on the bank of the Bay of Biscay, in 35 km from border with Spain.

Biarritz. Beach.

The climate is moderately wet, equal. The summer is warm, solar (average monthly temperature of July 20 °), winter very soft (average monthly temperature of January 7 °). Rainfall for a year of 900 mm with a maximum in October (185 mm). Annual average relative humidity of 68 — 75%. Main remedies: sea bathings, an aerogeliotherapy, sand, sea and brine bathtubs from strong (a mineralization of 296 g/l) chloride sodium yodo-bromic waters of the sources of Salines de Briscous located in 20 km from Biarritz. In the resort melkopeschany beaches, the bathing building, swimming pools, there are a lot of hotels, boarding houses.

Indications: diseases of a peripheral nervous system, disease of a musculoskeletal system and effect of its injuries, gynecologic diseases, disbolism, condition of reconvalescence.

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