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BIAN QIO (6 century BC) — the Chinese doctor, the author of one of the medical compositions which are most honored in China — Nanjing (The book about difficult). Work Bian Qio — a peculiar medical encyclopedia of that time — consists of 81 heads, contains data on anatomy, physiology, pathology, on diagnosis with the doctrine about pulse and therapy. Bian Qio treated a disease as the process resulting from disturbance of ratios between a human body and the environment and specified that at each disease all organism in general is involved in pathological process. Analyzing the reasons of diseases, he paid much attention to psychogenic and climatic factors and disturbance of food. Bian Qio is known as the good diagnostician. Investigating the patient, it used four diagnostic methods: survey, direct listening, inquiry and research of pulse. Bian Qio owned the last method so absolutely that became history of medicine as the founder of the doctrine about pulse. In the therapeutic practice used method of acupuncture and to lay down. massage. Bian Qio was a skillful surgeon; operations were made by iod an anesthesia, using for this purpose special drink. The book its Nanjing throughout many centuries served as the management for the Chinese doctors.

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