BEZOLD Friedrich

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BETsOLD Friedrich
BEZOLD Friedrich (Bezold Friedrich, 1842 — 1908) — the German otorhinolaryngologist. Studied questions of the general pathology at Virkhov. Since 1877 — the associate professor by ear diseases, in 1906 — ordinary professor in Munich where worked until the end of life.

F. Betsold is the author of 94 works. It brought specifications in classification of ear diseases; divided Qatar of acoustical (eustachian) pipes and Qatar of a middle ear, hron, purulent average otitises into simple — with the central perforation of a tympanic membrane and on more dangerous — with pristenochny destruction, it is frequent with a cholesteatoma. Pilot studies of F. Betsold about function of the sound carrying out device and differential diagnosis of defeats of the sound perceiving and sound carrying out devices have special value; it allocated group of the symptoms characteristic of defeat of the sound carrying out device; this group of symptoms received the name of a betsoldovsky triad in literature (see. Otosclerosis ).

F. Betsold described the special form of the mastoiditis (bearing his name), simulating phlegmon of a neck or cervical lymphadenitis.

F. Betsold together with Edelmann (M. T. of Edelmann) developed a special set of tuning forks, with the help to-rogo proved that many deaf-mutes have «islands of hearing» which are practically used during the training of deaf-mutes of oral speech. Its textbook of ear diseases (1906) translated and on Russian was of great importance for development of an otiatria.

Works: Uber die funktionelle Priifung des menschlichen Gehororgans, Bd 1 — 3, Wiesbaden, 1897 — 1909; Die Taubstummheit auf Grund ohrenarztlicher Beobachtungen, Wiesbaden, 1902; Lehrbuch der Olirenheilkunde, Wiesbaden, 1906 (Russian lane, SPb., 1909).

Bibliography: Verkhovsky B. K to death of the prof. Bezola'a, Vestn, ushn., throats, and nose. Bol., No. 1, page 74, 1909; Sh e y e A., Fr. Bezold, in the same place, No. 2, page 119, 1909.

B. S. Preobrazhensky.