BEYL Antoine Laurent

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BEYL Antoine Laurent

BEYL Antoine Laurent (Bayle Antoine Laurent, 1799 — 1858) — the French psychiatrist and the pathologist, one of founders of the kliniko-anatomic direction in psychiatry. Stalemate. studied anatomy in R. Laennek's clinic, and psychiatry — under the direction of Royer Collard in an insane hospital Sharanton.

In the dokt, the thesis of «A research (1822) about sincere diseases», and also in works «The new doctrine about sincere diseases» (1825) and «The treatise about diseases of a brain» (1826) for the first time allocated general paralysis (see) as separate nosological unit, based on unity of characteristic mental, somatoneurologic and pathoanatomical changes. Provided the clinical description of initial symptoms, the developed stage, a current and an outcome of the general paralysis (1822) which received the name «Beyl's disease».

Works: Recherches sur les maladies mentales, P., 1822.

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N. G. Shumsky.