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BETYuN Normen

BETYUN Normen (Bethune Norman, 1890 — 1939) — the Canadian surgeon, the public figure, the anti-fascist, the member of Labour Progressive Party of Canada. Got a medical education in Toronto un-those. Member of the Edinburgh surgical college. Was a military surgeon during World War I, worked as the surgeon in London, then in Toronto, Montreal and other cities of Canada. Its works are devoted to hl. obr. to a thoracoplasty. He is the author of many inventions and improvements in the field of surgical treatment of tuberculosis.

N. Betyyun supported change of capitalist system of medical service, implementation of prevention, free medical aid. Welcomed construction of socialism in the USSR. For acquaintance to the Soviet health care used a trip to Leningrad on the XV International physiological congress (1935) and, having returned to Canada, acted with lectures about the Soviet Union. In 1936 in republican troops in Spain created mobile surgical groups and organized service of hemotransfusion in the battlefield. In 1938 headed group of the Canadian and American doctors working in the Chinese people's liberation army. N. Betyyun trained the Chinese medics, wrote and illustrated for them quick practical guidances, organized groups of donors and mobile surgical groups. Died in China of sepsis.

Works: A new combined aspirator and artificial pneumothorax appartus, Canad. med. Ass. J., v. 20, p. 663, 1929; A plea for early compression in pulmonary tuberculosis, ibid., v. 27, p. 36, 1932; Pleural poud-rage, J. thorac. Surg., v. 4, p. 251, 1935.

Bibliography: Allan T. Gordon S. The scalpel, sword, story of dr Norman Bethune, Boston, 1952 (Russian lane, Inostran. litas., No. 1, page 213, No. 2, page 234, 1956).

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