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BETs Vladimir Alekseevich

BETS Vladimir Alekseevich (1834 — 1894) is the Russian anatomist. In 1860 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that, in 1863 protected dokt, the thesis and in 1868 headed department of anatomy Kiev un-that. V. A. Bets was engaged in scientific research in the field of anatomy, clinical medicine, and also chemistry and physics. V. A. Bets — one of founders of the doctrine about to very tectonics of a cerebral cortex (see). The principle of an unequal structure of various parts of a cerebral cortex is the cornerstone of its doctrine. In 1874 it described gigantopiramidalny neurocytes (large pyramidal cells) of a cerebral cortex which received the name of colossal pyramidal cells of Bets. The very tectonic partition of a cerebral cortex offered them on the main areas is accepted also in a crust, time.

V. A. Bets claimed that the morphology of bark needs to be considered not only from the point of view of its macroscopic structure, expressiveness of convolutions of the brain, but also microscopic; established the principle of topographical mobility of structures which is the cornerstone of modern studying of a problem of variability of a cerebral cortex and evolution of bark in its historical development. V. A. Bets conducted a histologic research of a cerebral cortex of the person on 8000 drugs of a brain made by it systematized according to separate sections. In 1890 he published the atlas of a human brain.

Other works of V. A. Betsa hl are devoted. obr. morphology of bone formation; he one of the first investigated development and growth of bones.

Works: About the mechanism of blood circulation in a liver, a yew., Kiev, 1863; Morphology of bone formation, Kiev, 1887; Atlas of a human brain, Kiev, 1910; Anatomic and histologic researches, chosen works, M., 1950.

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