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BETAZINUM (Betasinum; joint venture. B.) — anti-thyroid synthetic means. Represents beta amine beta (3,5 diiodine - 4 oxyphenyl) - propionic acid, C 9 H 9 I 2 NO 3  :

White crystal powder, low solubility in water. On physical. and to pharmacological properties it is similar to diiodotyrosine (see. Yodtirozina ), differing from it in other provision of an amino group in a side chain.

B.'s action is caused by the iodine which is contained in its structure. Drug slows down formation of thyritropic hormone of a hypophysis and biosynthesis of thyroid hormones in a thyroid gland. In an organism the iodine entering B. directly inactivates thyritropic hormone.

It is applied at easy forms of a thyrotoxicosis, symptomatic hyperthyroidisms, a hyper thyroid diffusion local and sporadic craw, a thyrocardiac and post-thyrocardiac ophthalmopathy, and also at a thyrotoxicosis at pregnant women and nursing mothers. At a preparation for surgery of B. it is applied on an equal basis with microdoses of iodine.

At severe and average forms of a thyrotoxicosis, in particular in the presence of an ophthalmopathy, B. is appointed together with mercazolil (see). B.'s combination to thyreostatic drugs prevents goitrogenic effect of the last. As well as diiodotyrosine, B. apply at a neurasthenia.

Apply B. inside on 0,05 g 2 — 3 times a day 20-day courses with a week interval of avoidance of a refrakternost to drug. At a combination with mercazolil continuous reception on 1 — 2 tablets a day is allowed. The highest single dose for adult 0,075 g, daily — 0,2 g.

Complications are rare, the phenomena of an iodism which are arising at persons with hypersensitivity to iodine and quickly undergoing later drug withdrawals meet (see. Iodine , drugs).

Contraindications — intolerance patients of drugs of iodine.

Form of release: the tablets containing 0,05 g of drug; store in the dark cool place.

See also Anti-thyroid means .

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