BERYOZOV Efim Lvovich

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BERYOZOV Efim Lvovich

BERYOZOV Efim Lvovich (1895 — 1958) — the Soviet surgeon, the honored worker of science of RSFSR. In 1919 ended medical f-t Saratov un-that, then worked in P. A. Herzen's clinics (Moscow) and S. I. Spasokukotsky (Saratov). Since 1930 — professor of surgical clinic Astrakhan medical in-that, from 1937 to 1958 headed faculty surgical clinic Gorky medical in-that.

E. L. Berezov is the author of 160 scientific works, including 8 monographs devoted to hl. obr. surgeries of a stomach. It published the monograph about a gastrectomy in surgery of a carcinoma of the stomach (1933); are developed technology of the combined operations at a carcinoma of the stomach and indications to them; classification of indications to operation at a peptic ulcer is offered; tactics of treatment of duodenogastric bleedings applied in many medical institutions is developed. It the first in the country began to apply surgical treatment hron. coronary insufficiency. It for the first time in clinic (1957) carried out G. A. Reynberg's idea — operation of an abdominalization of heart at hron. coronary insufficiency (Reynberg's operation — Beryozovo). A number of its works is devoted to problems of surgery of a liver, hemotransfusion, maintaining the postoperative period. Under the direction of E. L. Berezova more than 60 dissertation works, including 13 dokt are protected. He was the deputy chairman of the All-Russian island of surgeons. In 2 prod. BME — the author and the editor of a number of articles on surgery.

Works: About functions of a spleen. M, 1925; Postoperative acidosis, Saratov, 1928; Diseases of the operated stomach and their treatment. Gorky, 1940 (sovm. with the Rybinsk A. D.); Surgery of a stomach and duodenum, Gorky, 1950; Surgery of a gullet and the cardia of a stomach at cancer. Gorky, 1951; The Expanded and combined resections of a stomach at cancer, M., 1957.

Bibliography: Efim Lvovich Berezov, Vestn. hir., t. 111, 12, page 2, 1973; S. A Marks. Efim Lvovich Berezov's memories, in the same place, t. 82, jsft 1, page 159, 1959.

Yu. E. Berezov.