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BERYOZOVSKY MINERAL WATERS — balneological drinking resort of a flat steppe zone. It is located in 25 km from Kharkiv at St. Resort Southern., at the height of 175 m above sea-level. Use of sources began in the second half of 19 century, but the resort is created only at the Soviet power. The climate is moderately continental: warm, dry summer (average monthly temperature in July 28 °) and moderately soft winter (average monthly temperature in January — 7,0 °). An amount of precipitation — 511 mm a year.

Sleeping case of sanatorium.

The major medical factor — low-mineralized hydrocarbonate calcium-sodium-magnesium water with contents silicon to - you (0,036 g/l) and considerable organic content (0,016 g/l).

Formula of chemical composition of water:

Water is used for drinking treatment. In 1971 deep drilling removed thermal water of the following chemical structure:

In the resort — sanatorium with physiotherapeutic and other offices, the pump room, a balneary. Also the ozoceritotherapy is applied.

Indications: hron. gastritises with secretory insufficiency, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, hron. colitis and coloenterites, hron. diseases of a liver, dyskinesia of bilious ways, diseases of a metabolism (obesity, diabetes mellitus), oksaluriya, hron. pyelonephritis, hron. cystitis of netuberkulozny character. The direction in B. of m of century of patients with signs of cardiovascular insufficiency is inexpedient.

Contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection , table.

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