BERTRÁN Gabriel Emil

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BERTRÁN Gabriel Emil

BERTRÁN Gabriel Emil (Bertrand Gabriel Emil, 1867 - 1962) — the French biochemist and the bacteriologist, the member of Academy of Sciences, and also medical, page - x. and pharm. academies of France; member of 15 foreign academies of Sciences (including Academy of Sciences of the USSR) and honourable doctor of many universities. In 1890 — 1900 — the laboratory assistant in applied chemistry of the Museum of natural history in Paris. Since 1900 began to work in again organized laboratory of biological chemistry in Sorbonne (in 1904 headed this laboratory) and in Ying-those Pasteur.

G. Bertrán is the author of 600 publications. Its researches it is extremely versatile. Its first works were devoted to biochemistry of sugars. In 1898 it found that transformation of sorbite into sorbose in juice of berries of a mountain ash happens under the influence of a special bacterium. Further it received a number of ketonic sugars. Studying blackening of juice of the Far East varnish tree, he found the oxidizing enzymatic nature of this phenomenon. He paid to clarification of a role of microelements in life of plants and animals much attention. It dealt also with issues of conservation of milk and fruit, problems of vaccination against poisoning with snake poison, etc.

The big contribution was made by G. Bertrán in development of methods of biochemical researches: created methods of quantitative definition of many microelements; the method of definition of the recovering sugars offered them is widely known.

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