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BEROKSAN (Beroxanum; Ammoidin, Meladinine, Meloxine, Methoxalen, Metoxin, Oxsoralen etc.; joint venture. B) — the photosensitizing means. Mix of two furocoumarins — xanthotoxinum (8 methoxypsoralens) and a bergaptena (5 methoxypsoralens), allocated from fruits of a parsnip sowing (Pastinaca sativa L.):

Crystal powder, white with yellowish shade, is almost water-insoluble, we will well dissolve in the warmed-up alcohol and in some organic solvents.

B. has the photosensitizing effect: raises a susceptibility of skin to uv radiation. Action is shown both during the drawing on skin, and at intake. On the sites of skin processed by B. in 2 — 3 days after uv radiation by a suberythema dose pigmentation appears. The most expressed effect is observed at B.'s use locally and inside at the same time.

Apply B. to treatment of vitiligo and gnezdny (krugovidny) baldness. Under the influence of B. at sick vitiligos dot islands of a pigment and afterwards diffusion pigmentation are usually shown. The best effect is noted at prolonged treatment at patients at young age, at small prescription of a disease, at brunettes and at the persons inclined to suntan.

Appoint inside and locally. Inside accept on 1 tablet 1 — 4 times a day. At the same time 0,5% rub solution B. in the centers of defeat for 12 — 8 hours before radiation in the beginning, then in 4 — 1 hour. At hypersensitivity of skin to B. it is parted by 70% with alcohol concerning 1:3, 1:4 etc. Treatment is carried out by cycles on 10 — 20 vtiraniye and radiations. The course of treatment consists of 4 — 6 cycles with a break between them 2 — 3 weeks. Irradiate with a mercury-quartz lamp, proceeding from data of preliminary definition of a biodose. Usually begin about 1/4 or 1/2 biodoses with the subsequent increase in exposure. It is reasonable to apply solar bathtubs in the summer. At the same time sick appoint hl. obr. tablets, and in case of need local influence of B. apply in bigger cultivation (1:10 — 1:8) usually for 12 hours before radiation. Tan is acquired between 9 and 11 hours (in the southern areas between 6 and 8 hours), in the 1st day within 2 min., in the next days exposure is increased daily for 1 — 2 min. On a course of treatment adult patients receive 250 — 300 tablets and 60 — 100 radiations; children are more senior than 5 years — 1/3 or 1/2 doses of the adult. Treatment is carried out at constant medical control.

B. it is usually well transferred by patients. Sometimes in connection with emergence of a bright erythema and hypostasis in the field of the centers of defeat do breaks on 1 — 2 day. Headaches, heartbeat, nausea which after reduction of a dose or a temporary break completely disappear are occasionally noted. B. it is contraindicated at a hypertension, tuberculosis, a thyrotoxicosis, diseases of blood, defeats of c. N of page. It is not recommended to appoint B. to children up to 5 years and to people 50 years are more senior.

Forms of release: tablets on 0,02 g and 0,5% solution in bottles from orange glass. Keep in the cool, protected from light place.

See also the Photosensitizing means .

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