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BERNARD Leon (Bernard Leon, 1872 — 1934) — the French phthisiatrician, the member of the French medical academy on section of hygiene (1920), one of founders of social hygiene in France, and also one of founders of the Organization of health care of the League of Nations.

In 1905 got a medical education. Since 1911 began to work in hospital of Laennek, about a cut all its subsequent profession of a physician was connected. He was a consultant in Management of hygiene of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and then the chairman of the Supreme council on hygiene of the ministry of public health care of France.

He was engaged in studying of an etiology, clinic and prevention of tuberculosis, improved a number of methods of treatment of tuberculosis, in particular specified indications and improved a technique of imposing of artificial pheumothorax.

L. Bernard brought a big contribution in studying of social aspects of this disease. In its work «Pulmonary tuberculosis» transferred to Russian the big material confirming the prevailing value of social conditions in emergence and distribution among the population of diseases of tuberculosis is presented, the role of social and medical actions, and also the state legislation in prevention of tuberculosis is shown.

L. Bernard paid to the actions for health care having the international value much attention; he participated in creation (1920) and was the permanent secretary of the International antitubercular union, gave help in the organization of teaching social hygiene in educational institutions of Yugoslavia, Germany, Hungary, Poland.

L. Bernard played an important role in creation and work of the Organization of health care of the League of Nations and was the permanent member of the French delegations in the League of Nations.

After his death the medal and an award of fund L was founded. Bernard, awarded for the best works in the field of social medicine the World assembly of health care (see. Bernard Leon award , Awards medical nominal ).

Works: Cours d’hugifcne, t. 1—2, P., 1927 (sovm, with Begyo of R); The Pulmonary tuberculosis, the lane with fr., century 1 — 2, M. — JI., 1930; Les debuts et les arrets de la tuberculose pulmo-naire, P., 1931; Therapeuticjue hydroclima-toloque de la tuberculose, P., 1934 (sovm. with Even R).

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