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BERNARD Jean (Bernard Jean, sort. in 1907) — the French hematologist; member of Academy of Sciences of France. Ended medical f-t in Paris (1929). Since 1961 heads scientific research institute of leukemias and diseases of blood at Parisian un-those.

Zh. Bernard is an author more than 800 works, from them 15 monographs on various questions of hematology. It in detail described benzene leukoses at the person, for the first time (1947) treatment of patients with an acute leukosis by exchange transfusions is offered, the technique of a reinduktion, i.e. repeated, for the purpose of prevention of a recurrence, courses of treatment during remission of an acute leukosis is offered; the acute promiyelotsitarny leukosis and a miyelomonotsitarny leukosis at children are described as independent forms. Zh. Bernard together with J.P.Soulier described a new nosological form — a hemorrhagic trombotsitodistrofiya (Bernard's disease — J.P.Soulier).

Zh. Bernard is the secretary general of the French island of hematologists, the president Evropeyskogo and the vice-president of the International island of hematologists. It the active participant of a resistance movement in the occupied France in 1940 — 1944 Zh. Bernard is known and as the poet.

Works: Sur une nouvelle of vari£t6 de dystro-phie thrombocytaire h6morragipare congeni-tale, Sem. Ηόρ. (Paris), t. 24, p. 3217, 1948 (sovm, with Soulier J. - P.); Hematologic Clinique, P., 1958 (sovm, with Bessis M.); H6matologie geographique, P., 1966 (sovm, with Ruffie J.).

Bibliography: Numero special en l’honneur du professeur Jean Bernard, Nouv.Rev. frang. H6mat., t. 7, No. 5, 1967.

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