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BERNARD Etienne (Bernard Etienne, sort. in 1893) — French phthisiatrician, professor, member of national Academy of Sciences. After the termination medical f-that Parisian un-that specialized on tuberculosis in hospital of Laennek. For many years managed department of tuberculosis medical f-that Parisian un-that. Since 1965 — the chairman of National committee of fight against tuberculosis. Main works E. Bernard are devoted to questions of clinic, diagnosis, a pathogeny of tuberculosis, methods of treatment and studying of antitubercular drugs. Theoretical justification and practical application of antibacterial therapy, the method of definition of contamination developed by the scientist tuberculosis (BCG test) concern to them, in particular, etc.

E. Bernard is the eminent person of the International union of fight against tuberculosis, the organizer of the international conferences on tuberculosis. From 1948 to 1973 — the permanent secretary general of the International union of fight against tuberculosis. In 1957 participated in work of the V All-Union congress of phthisiatricians (Moscow). The participant of a resistance movement during World War II.

Works: Phtisiologie humaine, P., 1946; Etude exp6rimentale de 1’action sur le bacille de Koch des medications antibacil-laires associ6es, Toulouse, 1953 (sovm, with other); Heures internationales dans la lutte contre la tuberculose, P., 1955; Bronchographie Clinique, P., 1961 (sovm, with Bernard G.).

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