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BERNAL John Desmond

BERNAL JOHN Desmond (Bernal John Desmond, 1901 — 1971) is the English physicist and the progressive public figure, the member of the London royal society (1937), professor Cambridge un-that and laboratories of biomolecular researches, the honourable doctor of MSU; foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1958) and academies of Sciences of a number of the countries; winner of the International Lenin award «For Strengthening of the World between the People» (1953), president-performer of Presidium of the World Council of the World (1959 — 1965).

D. Bernal is the author of numerous experimental works on studying of structure of substances of the inorganic and organic nature by means of a method of the X-ray crystallographic analysis. He developed a method of obtaining roentgenograms of crystals of the proteins which are in mother solutions and for the first time by means of this method received accurate and full roentgenograms of crystal pepsin, having opened thereby new ways of the appendix of a X-ray analysis to studying of structure of proteinaceous crystals. Together with employees made detailed radiographic studying of crystals of insulin, hemoglobin, a methemoglobin, myoglobin, gramicidin, viruses, nucleoproteids, etc. Its researches of a submicroscopic structure of fabrics and structural elements of the sharing cell are of great importance for biology.

D. Bernal published also a number of works about a role and the place of science in life of society.

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