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BERK-SYUR-MER (Berck-sur-mer) — the climatic seaside resort on sowing. - zap. Franciums, in department of Strait of Dover. It is located on the bank of English Channel, in 40 km from Boulogne. The climate is moderately wet. The winter is short, very soft (average monthly temperature in January 4 °), summer solar, warm (in July 19,8 °). Rainfall for a year of 700 mm.

The main remedies are the climate and sea bathings. In the resort the big melkopeschany beach, swimming pools, is a lot of specialized sanatoria, and also other medical institutions on rehabilitation of orthopedic patients and treatment of patients with extra pulmonary tuberculosis. There is a large hospital — branch of the Parisian scientific and practical center for orthopedics.

Indications: tuberculosis of bones, joints and limf, glands, not tubercular diseases of the musculoskeletal device and an effect of injuries at which klimatoortopedichesky treatment and actions but rehabilitations is required (some types of scolioses, arthritises, etc.)

A. D. Borisov.