BERITAShVILI (BERITOV) Ivan Solomonovich

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BERITASHVILI (BERITOV) Ivan Solomonovich (1885 — 1974) — the Soviet physiologist, the founder and the head of physiological school in Georgia; academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1939), USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1944), AN Georgian SSR (1941), winner of the State award USSR (1941), Hero of Socialist Work (1964); honorary member of the New York academy of Sciences. After the termination St. Petersburg un-that (1910) worked for H. E. Vvedensky (1910 — 1915), then in Odessa un-those (1915 — 1919). Since 1919 — professor Tbilisi un-that, since 1935 — also the director Ying-that physiology at Tbilisi un-those, since 1941 — the director, and since 1951 — the research supervisor Ying-that physiology of AN of the Georgian SSR.

And. S. Beritashvili established the rhythmic nature of reciprocal braking; nervous mechanism of cervical and labyrinth tonic reflexes; formation of bilateral temporary ties — forward (direct) and the return at development of a conditioned reflex; formation of conditioned reflexes at the return order of a combination — when precedes conditional irritation unconditional; emergence of the general braking along with excitement of a certain complex of neurons of a brain at each act of behavior; existence of figurative psychological activity, role of cortical and subcrustal departments of a brain in this activity and its pattern; the automatic involuntary character of a conditioned reflex based on structural development of synoptic devices, the psychological mechanism of orientation of the person and animals in space; figurative and affect memory, their characteristic and origin, etc.

And. S. Beritashvili was the honorary member of a row Soviet and foreign scientific about-in; coeditor of the section «Physiology» of the 1st and 2nd prod. BME. It is awarded by the Order of Lenin, two awards of the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: To the doctrine about labyrinth and cervical tonic reflexes, Izv. imp. AN, is gray. 6, t. 9, page 853, 1915; The Individual acquired activity of the central nervous system, Tiflis, 1932; General physiology of muscular and nervous systems, t. 1 — 2, M. — L., 1947 — 1948; The Morphological and physiological bases of temporary bonds in bark of big hemispheres, Works Fiziol, in-that, t. 10, page 3, Tbilisi, 1956; From the spinal coordination of movements to the psychoneural integration of behavior, Ann. Rev. Physiol., v. 28, p. 1, 1966.

Bibliography: Baneberries D. S. Akademik Ivan Solomonovich Beritashvili (Bsritov), to the 70 anniversary since birth and to the 45 anniversary of scientific and pedagogical activity, Fiziol, zhurn. USSR, t. 42, No. 1, page 120, 1956; Narikashvili S. P. Ivan Solomonovich Beritashvili, Tbilisi, 1957.

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