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BERG METHOD (W. N. Berg) — a method of identification milk to - you in a gastric juice. It is described in 1912.

Qualitative test milk to - you in a gastric juice (Berg's reaction) is based on formation of bright yellow coloring at interaction of a reactant of Berg (2 drops konts. salt to - you plus 2 drops of 30% of ferric chloride for 100 ml of the diart. of water) with milk to - that.

Emergence of lactic acid in a gastric juice quite often accompanies development of malignant new growths of a stomach. Therefore at a research of a gastric juice it is necessary to define also lactic acid.

Technology of definition

In a volumetric flask from 100 ml of the diart. of water flow several drops of a reactant of Berg. In two test tubes pour 10 ml of the received solution and add to one of them on drops the filtered gastric juice (only 5 — 6 drops). In the presence of milk to - you contents of a test tube are painted in bright yellow color. For control in other test tube it is possible to add 2 — 3 drops of solution milk to - you.

Exists modification Berg's reactions, on a cut instead of a pure gastric juice use its radio extract. Test with a radio extract is the most sensitive and allows to define 0,05% konts. milk to - you. In this case solution gets slightly greenish coloring, 0,1% solution give flavovirent coloring.

See also Gastric juice , Lactic acid .

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