BERGOLTS Moisey Efimovich

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BERGOLTS Moisey Efimovich

BERGOLTS Moisey Efimovich (1891 — 1951) — the Soviet druggist and the pharmacologist, the doctor of pharmaceutical sciences (1940). Got a pharmaceutical and medical education in Petrograd medical in-those (1922). In the mid-twenties organized Leningrad research chemical and pharmaceutical in-t. Headed Leningrad (1937-1938), then the Moscow (1939 — 1940) pharmaceutical institutes. In 1940 — 1950 — directed laboratory of technology of drugs and the sector of information All-Union research chemical and pharmaceutical in-that (Moscow).

M. B. Bergolts is an author over 70 scientific works, it is devoted py drugs of technology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmacology. Its works in the field of technology and pharmacology of plants of a type of foxgloves are most important. M. B. Bergolts's contribution to promoting of pharmacological knowledge among doctors is considerable. Its collections on new pharmaceuticals and a medical compounding were repeatedly republished.

M. E. Bergolts was the chairman of Pharmacopoeian committee Narkomzdrava the USSR (1936 — 1938), the board member of the All-Union scientific pharmaceutical island (1946 — 1951), the associate editor of the Pharmation magazine (1938 — 1941).

Works: Unitary extracts of warm-hearted group and pharmacological research of rusty and woolly foxgloves Digitalis ferruginea L. et digitalia lanata EJG, florae of the USSR, yew., M., 1940; Clinical pharmacotherapy and medical compounding, Molotov, 1943 (sovm. with Breytnan M. Ya.); A medical formulary, over. the 4th, M., 1952; New vekarstvenny means and dosage forms of prod. the 2nd, M., 1952.


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P. L. Senov.