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BERGMANN Gustav (Bergmann Gustav, 1878 — 1955) — the German clinical physician experimenter. Got a medical education in Berlin, Munich, Bonn and in Shtrasburge where in 1903 after the end of education worked for F. Hofmeister in Fiziologokhimicheskom in-those. From 1903 to 1912 worked in the Berlin II medical clinic for F. Kraus; in 1910 was entitled professor of internal diseases. In 1916 occupied department of internal diseases in Marburg, since 1920 — in Frankfurt am Main, and since 1927 — in the II medical clinic in you Rummage (Berlin). In days of fascism in Germany G. Bergmann, his pupils and employees suffered repressions and persecution. After World War II the scientist worked in GDR in the beginning, then moved to Munich (Germany).

From G. Bergmann's works his works about a round ulcer, a cholecystopathy, a hepatopathy, diseases of a liver and bilious ways, about the autonomic nervous system, stomach diseases, etc. are widely known. Its kliniko-theoretical opinion is fullestly stated in the book "Functional Pathology". Questions of morphology and function of bodies, relationship mental and somatic, unities and integrity of an organism, value we and mentalities in clinic of internal diseases, and also treatment and prevention G. Bergmann allowed a nervous sista from the advanced positions. At the same time his philosophical views had speculative and idealistic character. A product of his metaphysical and idealistic views were statements against Darwinism and protection of teleology.

Compositions: Erkrankungen des Magens, Handb. inn. Med., hrsg. v. G. Bergmann u. a., Bd 3, T. 1, B., 1926; Das vegetative Nervensystem und» eine Störungen, ibid., Bd 5, T. 2, B., 1926 (COBM. with Billingheimer E. Krankheiten der Leber und Gallenwege, in book: Lehrbuch der inn. Medizin, hrsg. v. G. Bergmann u. a., Bd 1, S. 789, B., 1931; Funktionelle Pathologie, B., 193: (Russian lane. M. — JI., 1936); The Textbook of internal diseases, the lane with it., t. 1 — 2, L., 1936.

Bibliography: Luriya R. A. The theory and practice of functional pathology in clinic, in book: Bergman G. Functional pathology, the lane with it., page 111, M. 1936.

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