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BERGAMOT OIL (Oleum Bergamottae) — essential oil. Yellowish-greenish transparent liquid bitterly - spiciness, received from crusts of immature fruits of a bergamot (Citrus bergamia) from this. rutic (Rutaceae). Ud. weight 0,880 — 0,886, t°kip 183 °. Is B.'s part of m linalil-acetate (to 40%) and other derivatives of terpenes (in particular, limonene). The B. m is widely applied in the histologic equipment as intermediate agent during the filling of objects in paraffin. It well mixes up with paraffin and alcohol; does not mix up with photoxylin and water at all. Pieces of fabrics after fixing, washing and dehydration keep in alcohols in B. m from several hours to several days then fill in in paraffin. After treatment in B. m conclude the fixed and dehydrated whole and film mounts (e.g., peritoneums, pleurae) directly in Canada balsam that considerably reduces wrinkling of films. The B. m is used, besides, in perfumery.

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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