BEREZNEGOVSKY Nikolay Ivanovich

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BEREZNEGOVSKY Nikolay Ivanovich

BEREZNEGOVSKY Nikolay Ivanovich (1875 — 1926) — the Soviet surgeon. Ended medical f-t Tomsk un-that (1903) and it is left the intern at department of hospital surgical clinic, the cut directed P. I. Tikhov. In 1909 protected dokt. the thesis on a subject about change of ureters in intestines, was entitled the privatdozent and a biennial business trip to Moscow, St. Petersburg and abroad. Since 1912 — professor of department of surgical pathology and therapy Tomsk un-that. In the years of World War I managed hospitals of the Red Cross in Riga and Kiev. In 1918 it is elected to department of hospital surgical clinic in Tomsk, to-ruyu conducted until the end of life. In 1918 N. I. Bereznegovsky together with the engineer prof. A. P. Malyshev organized in Tomsk East Siberian prosthetic in-t; in 1920 conducted for doctors the first courses on orthopedics and prosthetics.

N. I. Bersznegovsky is the author of 67 printing works. Its scientific and clinical and experimental activity is devoted to questions of an intravenous anesthesia, organ transplantation and fabrics, physiology went. - kish. a path after an operative measure, surgical treatment of kozhevnikovsky epilepsy, etc., and also to problems of field surgery.

Works: About change of ureters in intestines, Tomsk, 1908; Damages and hirgichesky diseases of a spleen, SPb.

Bibliography: Moshitskiy. L. K of history of emergence of prosthetics in Siberia and about a role of the prof. N. I. Bereznegov-sky in creation in Tomsk of prosthetic institute, Ortop. and travmat., JMt 5, page 61, 1961; Nikolsky A. M. Professor N. I. Bereznegovsky (1875 — 1926), Sib. arkh. teor. and wedge, medical, t. 1, century 1-2, page 157, 1926, t. 2, century 3-5, page 219, 1927; Savinykh A. G. and Shipachevv. G. Professor N. I. Bereznegovsky. Saturday. nauch. works, posvyashch. memories of the prof. N. I. Be-reznegovsky, page 15, Irkutsk, 1946.

A. G. Savinykh.