BERESTNEV Nikolay Mikhaylovich

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BERESTNEV Nikolay Mikhaylovich

BERESTNEV Nikolay Mikhaylovich (1867 — 1910) — the Russian microbiologist. In 1891 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that. Since 1895 worked in Bakteriologichesky based by G. N. Gabrichevsky at Moscow un-those in-those. In 1904 Alexander I accepted management of plague laboratory in a fort. Since 1908 — the director Bakteriologicheskogo in-that. In dokt. theses of H. M. Berestnev described a radiant fungus and stated epidemiological features of an actinomycosis. It studied involutional forms of the causative agent of plague and feature of spread of this disease in some areas. He also established a development cycle of a parasite of malaria in a body of a mosquito and offered modification of a way of Romanovsky for coloring of the activator. H. M. Berestnev one of the first applied a hinization of the population and destruction of larvae of malarial mosquitoes; repeatedly left in the centers of plague and malaria for their studying and the organization of fight against these diseases. In 1900 — 1901 worked in Bombay on elimination of epidemic of plague.

Since 1908 H. M. Berestnev is the chairman of department of bacteriology of the Island of fans of natural sciences, the member of the Pirogovsky island.

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