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BERDYANSK — seaside flat climatic and mud resort of a steppe zone. It is located on the bank of the Sea of Azov in 5 km from the city and the station Berdyansk Dnieper. Zaporizhia Region. Ukrainian SSR. The resort is founded in 1827. The combination of warm sea climate to dry steppe is characteristic of B. Summer hot (in July average monthly t ° 23,6 °), winter moderately soft (in January average monthly t — 4 °). Water temperature in the sea in May 17 °, in July — September 24 °. An amount of precipitation — to 400 mm a year.

Remedies: climate, silt mud and brine of lakes Red and Big (Great); 1 l of a brine contains respectively 65 and 79 g of hloridnonatriyevy salt; sea bathtubs and bathings, vinogradolecheny. In the resort area there are extensive melkopeschany beaches with a flat seabed. A swimming season — from May to September. Sanatoria for adults and children, resort policlinic with a balneogryazelechebnitsa, boarding houses and rest houses for adults and children with parents, pioneer the camp function.

Indications: diseases of a musculoskeletal system of bodies of a support and movement, peripheral nervous system, female genital and respiratory organs of not tubercular character. It is inexpedient to send to B. patients with associated diseases of cardiovascular system and a thyrotoxicosis in the summer.

In more detail indications, and also contraindications — see. Sanatorium selection , table.

Bibliography: Karayev R. G. and Larichev L. S. Resorts of Ukraine, page 103, Kiev, 1964.

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