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BERBERINE (Berberinum; With 20 N 18 • NO 4 OH) — the alkaloid which is contained in leaves of plants of various families: a barberry family, a crowfoot family, lunnosemyannikovy, rutic, etc.

B. has multilateral effect on an organism: reduces arterial pressure, slows down cordial activity, causes reductions of muscles of a uterus, after initial excitement the respiratory center oppresses; strengthens department of bile. Also the alcoholature of a barberry ordinary, containing berberine and other alkaloids has similar effect.

In medical practice apply berberine sulfate (Berberini sulfas; Berberinum sulfuricum; joint venture. B) as cholagogue means at gepatokholetsistita, cholecystitises with diskineziya of bilious ways, hepatitises, cholelithiasis.

Appoint inside 0,005 — 0,01 g 3 times a day before food. Course of treatment of 2 — 4 weeks. Drug is contraindicated at pregnancy.

Form of release: tablets on 0,005 g. Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Cholagogue means .

V. V. Larin.