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BENZYL BENZOATE (Benzylii benzoas; Benzylium benzoicum) — antiscabetic means. Benzylic ether of the benzoic acid, C 14 H 12 O 2  :

Liquid of light yellow color specific pleasant smell. B. it is water-insoluble, alcohol-soluble. Drug has toxic effect on itch mites.

Apply B. in the form of freshly cooked 20% of water and soap suspension (2 g of the green or crushed laundry soap part in 78 ml of warm water, add 20 B. and carefully shake up). Suspension is rubbed in skin a cotton plug, at first in the left and right hand, then process a trunk, left I the right leg, soles and toes. A pilar part of the head, a face and a neck are not processed. Before use of drug of the patient shall wash up carefully hands warm water with soap. To children up to 3 years appoint 10% suspension. At them process also pilar part of the head and a face, avoiding hit of drug in eyes. After rubbing in of suspension patients put on fresh linen and the disinfected outerwear; bedding shall be replaced; it is not recommended to wash hands during the 3rd hour. After each washing of hands it is necessary to process them suspension again. In 3 days after treatment of the patient washes and again changes linen. If necessary treatment is repeated.

During rubbing in of suspension some patients can have a burning sensation, a cut passes in a few minutes, also the irritation of skin is possible.

Release B. in bottles. Keep suspension at the room temperature no more than 7 days after its production.

T. N. Zykova.