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BENZONAL (Benzonalum; Benzobarbitalum; GFH, joint venture. B) — anticonvulsant. 1-Benzoil-5-etil-5-fenilbarbiturovaya acid; With 19 H 16 N 2 O 4  :

White crystal powder, we will dissolve in water very little, we will easily dissolve in chloroform, it is difficult — in alcohol.

On a structure and pharmacological properties it is close to phenobarbital (see). Unlike phenobarbital, B. in medical doses does not drowse, surpasses it in soothing effect and anticonvulsant activity, by 3 times is less toxic.

B. has the expressed sedative effect on a cerebral cortex (especially on its motoriums) and subcrustal educations, including limbic system (a visual hillock, a hypothalamus, a kernel having a tail, an almond, a hippocampus), are reduced by duration of categories of an after-effect. Unlike other barbiturates (see), B.'s influence on a reticular formation of a mesencephalon is expressed poorly. B. lowers excitability of neurons of a spinal cord and slows down carrying out impulses on afferent ways. Drug okazyvayetgipotenzivny action at an experimental hypertension: neurogenic, pituitrinovy, renal; does not break excretion of nitrogenous slags kidneys and increases release of sodium as is normal, and at an experimental hypertension.

Apply at convulsive forms of epilepsy of various origin, twilight disorders of consciousness with avtomatizm, dysphorias. At patients the mood improves, they become quieter, more vigorous, more active. Good results are received at treatment of epilepsy at children.

Appoint inside in the form of powders and tablets. A single dose for adult 0,1 — 0,3 g; for children — 0,025 — 0,075 g depending on age. The highest single dose of 0,3 g, daily — 1 g. Treatment is carried out it is long (not less than a year) even in the absence of attacks. In therapeutic doses of B. does not cause by-effects and complications.

Forms of release: powder and tablets on 0,1 g. Store in well corked container protecting from effect of light.

See also Anticonvulsants .


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