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BENZAMON (Benzamonum; joint venture. A) — pritivoglaukomny means. Treats group of cholinomimetic substances (see). Chemically represents furfuriltrimetilammoniybenzolsulfonat.

White or yellowish crystal powder, we will easily dissolve in water and alcohol.

B. has miotic effect, lowers intraocular pressure. Its action, as well as Pilocarpinum (see), is caused by exciting influence on m-holinoretseptory.

Apply 10% (more rare than 3%) aqueous solution of B. or ointment. At the subcompensated glaucoma treatment begin with an instillation 3% of solution of 6 times a day, at insufficient efficiency in 2 — 3 days transfer solution to 10%. At dekompensirovanny glaucoma of 10% solution is dug in on 6 times a day.

At prolonged out-patient treatment of B. appoint not more often than 4 times a day. At B.'s use, as well as other miotik, nagging pains in an eye and a frontal bone and temporary misting of sight owing to a spasm of accommodation, and at people, especially sensitive to drug — follicular conjunctivitis are in some cases noted (it is similar to ezerinovy); in these cases it is reasonable to alternate miotik.

Form of release: powder. Keep in well corked container and the place protected from light.

V. P. Kalashnikov.