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BENZALDEHYDE (aldehyde of the benzoic to - you), C 6 H 5 CHO — the elementary aromatic aldehyde. A colorless liquid with a smell of bitter almonds. Pier. weight 106,12, t ° kip 179 °. Mixes up with alcohol, ether, benzene. On air and on light is oxidized in the benzoic to - that. B. contains in stones of bitter almonds, apricots, peaches, cherries in the form of glucoside of dl-mandelonitrile gentiobioside (see). The last at hydrolysis breaks up with formation of a molecule B., hydrogen cyanide and two molecules of glucose.

B. it is applied in the food industry and perfumery (as fragrant substance), to synthesis of dyes, artificial pitches, etc. Toxic action of B. is studied poorly. Poisonings are not described. Possesses irritant action on mucous membranes of eyes and upper respiratory tracts in concentration of 0,015 mg/l during 10 sec. of influence, however owing to a small volatility does not constitute real danger. A threshold of perception of a smell of 0,00015 mg/l, a clear smell at 0,003 mg/l. Harmful action of technical B. depends on presence of nitrites which can lead to formation of a methemoglobin in blood, and at hron. influence — to a disease of a liver (see. Nitrites ).

I. P. Ulanova