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BENE Ernest

BENYE Earnest (Besnier Ernest, 1831 — 1909) — the French dermatologist and the hygienist. More than 30 years was the head of the Parisian dermatological school. He the first in France created histologic and bacteriological laboratories in the dermatological department, popularized a method of a biopsy, entered also the term "biopsy" (see). For work on hygiene «About the laws managing epidemics» it was elected (1881) members of Medical academy. E. Benye entered chrysarobin and pyrogallol into dermatology. He is an initiator of creation of the French dermatological encyclopedia («La Pratique dermatologique»), placed the work which became classical about eczema in a cut. The tubercular nature of a vulgar lupus is established to them (see. Tuberculosis cutis ) also the method of treatment is tested by its tuberculine; are allocated as the special prurigo diathetica types, ulcer sap faces, artropatichesky psoriasis. On the congresses in 1887 and 1897 on E. Benye's leprosy submitted reports on infectivity of leprosy, having disproved opinion on its not contageousness. E. Benye's symptoms at red hair herpes and a lupus erythematosus are known (see). E. Benye was the honorary member of all European dermatological the island.

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